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About Jenny Schatzle

Biography “I understand the real life challenges we all face; stress, yo-yo dieting, dedication, motivation, and most important self confidence. I work with my clients to address and overcome many physical and personal struggles. Whether it is through boot camp, kickboxing, spinning, circuit or one-on-one personal training I will help you reach your goals with life changing results.”

Originally from Minnesota, Jenny Schatzle has been living and working in Santa Barbara for 10 years. Fitness has always played a large role in her life, growing up playing a number of competitive sports and dancing which has led to a life of training and competing and she continues to do so with triathlons, cycling and running races. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a certified Kickboxing, Spinning and circuit instructor. Jenny’s energy and unique approach to training and teaching makes her one of the most sought after fitness professionals in Santa Barbara. Through this dedication to training her clients Jenny has received numerous accolades most recently being seen in People Magazine and on the E! Television Network.

“Love yourself enough to do whatever it takes to be the best YOU can be.”

Please email me or call 805 845 6700 for a complimentary evaluation. Interested in taking some classes with Jenny? Check the class schedule.